About Us

Northern Inland Regional Waste (NIRW) is a regional waste group in the New England and North West region of NSW. NIRW works collaboratively for better regional outcomes in waste management and resource recovery. NIRW leads a number of programs and addresses issues using a strategic regional approach.


Our Region

The NIRW region incorporates the New England and North West NSW. The region consists of regional cities, townships and farming communities. Some of the region’s larger areas include agriculture, mining and education. The region covers an area of 99,754 km² and is home to 181,602 residents.


NIRW continues along the path of continuous improvement. Our aims and objectives are constantly growing and being renewed. This enables NIRW to identify the attitudes, priorities and new technologies that are to be addressed, not only from a local and regional level but also from a national and global perspective.

The objectives of NIRW are:

  • Progressive, affordable improvement of waste avoidance and resource recovery outcomes, based on winning community support and developing local enterprise and employment.
  • Productive collaboration between NIRW member Councils to tackle whole-of-region waste management and resource recovery issues and deliver regional programs for sustainable waste management.
  • Development of cost-effective opportunities for joint regional delivery of waste infrastructure and services – particularly where potential exists for co-funding grants available through Waste Less, Recycle More.
  • For NIRW to provide a single, influential regional voice in response to State and Federal waste policy initiatives and opportunities.

Focus Areas

NIRW has aligned its objectives, activities and programs to support the key focus areas identified in the NSW Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2014-2021.  These themes provide a framework for the Action Plan and the basis for consistency across regional projects:

  • Avoid and reduce waste generation
  • Increase recycling
  • Divert more waste from landfill
  • Manage problem wastes better
  • Reduce litter
  • Reduce illegal dumping
  • Regional collaboration and program coordination


RENEW NSW monitors and facilitates improvements to waste management and resource recovery practices in rural and regional areas. Through RENEW NSW, regional waste groups work together proactively to implement better waste and resource recovery systems across NSW.

As the state representative for regional waste groups, RENEW NSW serves as an advisory body on matters of concern such as infrastructure sharing, resource recovery systems, regional procurement, drop-off centres and other related activities. Regional waste groups collaborate to find solutions to waste issues, to improve recycling rates and initiate best practice waste management at a state level.

Working with state and local government, industry representatives, schools and local residents, the regional waste groups and Regional/ Joint Organisations of Councils provide leadership and innovation, driving continuous improvement in sustainable waste and resource management practices.

RENEW NSW is the representative of eight regional waste groups in regional and rural NSW.  The key objective of RENEW NSW is to identify issues and priorities across the state that may differ by region and implement better solutions.  Through a coordinated approach, RENEW NSW works together for best practice waste management in NSW.


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