Recycle Right

Here’s how to recycle right:

  1. Wipe out and empty containers of leftover food or drink. If you have washing up water in your sink use this to rinse bottles and containers.
  2. Place recycling items loose in your recycling bin (don’t bag your recycling).
  3. Removed lids from bottles and jars.
  4. Put plastic in the red lidded garbage bin, they don’t belong in the recycling.
  5. Chip packets, biscuit packets, clingfilm, and other soft, scrunchy plastics (those that you can scrunch up) go into the red garbage bin or can be dropped off at Coles or Woolworths in the Recycle Program.
  6. Flatten cardboard to get the most out of your recycling bin.
  7. If in doubt leave it out or contact your council.

Got a curly question about recycling?

Contact us at, via our Facebook page or contact your local Council.


Things that don’t belong in your recycling bin:

  1. Plastic bags and soft plastic packaging can go in your red garbage wheelie bin or taken to Woolworths or Coles to be placed in the Redcycle containers.
  2. TV’s, printers and computers can be taken to OfficeWorks (Computers/TVs/Printers) or contact your council for drop off locations.
  3. Printer and toner cartridges – OfficeWorks or check your local Council for drop off locations.
  4. Mobile phones – visit for locations
  5. Clothing and textiles – good quality clothing, shoes etc. can be taken to charity shops such as the Red Cross, Salvation Army or Vinnies Stores. If your goods or clothing are in bad shape (ripped, torn, soiled or stained) they go into your red garbage wheelie bin. If you’d give it to a friend then you can give it to a charity shop.
  6.  Polystyrene – Challenge in Tamworth has a drop off facility for polystyrene, otherwise place it in your red lidded garbage bin.